Use Some Creative Shelves For Utilizing Unused Spaces In Your Apartment

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In today’s modern life, space is a major concern for most of the home owners. This becomes even more important when you talk about apartments that have a lot to do with the space issues. When you have got one of Asheville apartments for rent, make sure to maximize the space with the help of creative and unique shelving tips given here. This will not only be a source of increasing the storage options in your apartment but will also be helpful in enhancing the overall design scheme.

Open space beneath the staircase that is often left unused is just perfect for adding small-sized shelving unit. This way it can be used for storage purposes and you can also display the knickknacks in these shelves. You can cut the shelves for fitting them under stair slope and make them look like in-built unit.

Customized shelving can also be built around the kitchen column. So much of extra storage is provided by shelves and they can definitely serve to create the coolest of design elements in available space.

When you have small bedroom to deal with, you can use sliding wall for creating multitude of different functions. When it is closed, it becomes a wall made of the bookshelves. When it is opened, Murphy bed comes down giving you a place for sleeping or for relaxing with some good book.

Plentiful storage options are needed for kitchens and you can use all the corners that are unused only by adding vertical row featuring shelves. It offers so much space to display the spices and cookbooks and it is also easily accessible from your refrigerator.

The customized bunk beds are wonderful for organizing children’s books and toys. End unit serves creatively as headboard of bunks and can also become storage unit and bookshelf for the room.

You can add thin shelves opposite to the fireplace of your living room as it can add that design layer to the vertical surface that is unused otherwise. You can use these shelves for displaying different accessories, small books, and other different accents of smaller size.

You can transform your closet into your custom-made home office with the help of a creative and simple DIY project. Fun wallpaper can be used for covering back wall and custom-made shelves can be installed along with the desk surface. No space will be taken by your new office and it even allows you for keeping all your work out of sight.

You can also use built-in shelves on one side of half stair as it can be helpful in maximizing storage while putting under-stair space to use. The sage hue can be used for turning it into some architectural attraction and new place for displaying your favorite items.