Things to Consider Before Moving Into An Apartment


It’s imperative that you do a thorough review of the potential apartment prior to moving in. It should also be ensured that you visit actual apartment before renting it rather than just taking a look at the model. Prior to completing your visit of potential Asheville apartments for rent, it is advisable to review the list given here for making sure that you are aware of the things that should be looked for before making a move. In case if any items are there which need replacement or repairing, ensure that it is done by the landlord before you actually move into the apartment. In case there is a long list of things that are wrong about a specific unit, it is always better to let it go.

Make sure that you look for enough safety features such as fire extinguishers, CO detectors and smoke detectors. Take a look inside your potential apartment and in hallways as well along with in different other commonly used areas.

Don’t forget to check the toilets, pipes under the kitchen cabinets and the faucets for any potential leaks anywhere else in plumbing. It is also important to check water temperature and water pressure in your apartment unit. The shower or faucets should be turned on to check the time it takes for getting warm.

Check whether there is water heater inside the unit or the apartment features one which is shared between multiple units. It can also have an impact on how much hot water runs to your apartment.

The furnace and water heater should also be checked for making sure that there is no sign of rust in them. Look for stones, rocks or other such debris on outside of furnace or heater. This chipping or debris can indicate some leakage in these appliances. Such leaks can possibly be an indication of CO problems. Furthermore, it should be ensured that each and every appliance in your potential new apartment is in proper working condition and is not damaged at all.

In case if the unit does not carry any dryer or washer, check common laundry space in the building. This common area should be very well managed and well lit at the same time. Furthermore, only the residents have access to this area and no one else does.

Check if there are any evidences of rodents or insects, not just on floor of visible areas but also inside the drawers, closets and cabinets. Don’t overlook the drafts and check them by running the hand long outside of windows.

Also take a look at ceiling to check water damage. It can either indicate some leak from the outside or some really careless neighbors upstairs. Any discoloration can be due to the mold.

So, only make a decision after proper and thorough checkup and don’t rush through the process.